From the start of my call with the leasing manager made my day saying how she can make me smile with laughter, joy, & love. Then when I made it there I felt real good about the apartment. After walking through the apartment I felt peace about the apartment. The model was so nice & beautiful upgrade. I changed my mind for an upgrade apartment. I'm ready to make it my new home. To.Me

"Tomesha Stoker"

Been here 6 months! At first I was like what have I signed up for. But as changes was made (certain people got laid off) it has been a pleasure. Cause work gets done around here. From the office to The maintenance men. Good job East Field team for making a wonderful turn around. I recommend. I’m giving 5 stars because I did have to say something a few times for them to get it right, and they did. As long as u make it right. promise I’m good. They are on POINT now!!! Keep up the GOOD WORK!

"Veronique spruille"

Very satisfy of the guest service, very much helpful is showing me the model apartment. Information was giving to me in a quick matter of time. I'm so excited!!!

"Marbella Borja"

I came here today thinking I would get turned down but the staff is friendly and I felt welcome as a first time renter the lady at the office guided me through the application process etc. This is definitely a place I would love to stay at.

"Deliquashia Thomas"

Great to see how the office staff handled a disgruntled tenant when I came to ask questions about renting. Everywhere you go is going to have a problem or two. Knowing that the staff handled the situation not only professionally but also showing respect and empathy for the tenant meant a lot to me. The apartments are super cute inside and I love how much space is in the parking lot, no more ding doors and bumped bumpers!

"Elektra Icity"